Module Dls.DenseMatrix

module DenseMatrix: sig .. end
Dense matrices as passed to callback functions.
See sundials: The DENSE Module

type t = Dls_impl.DenseTypes.t 
An abstract dense matrix. Values of this type are typically passed to linear solver callback functions (like Cvode.Dls.dense_jac_fn, Ida.Dls.dense_jac_fn, and Kinsol.Dls.dense_jac_fn), in which case their lifetimes are determined by the underlying library and they should only be used within the callback to avoid the Invalidated exception.
See sundials: Type DlsMat

Basic access

val make : int -> int -> float -> t
make m n x returns an m by n dense matrix with elements set to x.
See sundials: NewDenseMat
val create : int -> int -> t
create m n returns an uninitialized m by n dense matrix.
See sundials: NewDenseMat
val size : t -> int * int
m, n = size a returns the numbers of columns m and rows n of a.
val print : t -> unit
Prints a dense matrix to stdout.
See sundials: PrintMat
val pp : Format.formatter -> t -> unit
Pretty-print a dense matrix using the Format module.
val ppi : ?start:string ->
?stop:string ->
?rowsep:string ->
?indent:int ->
?sep:string ->
?item:(Format.formatter -> int -> int -> float -> unit) ->
Format.formatter -> t -> unit
Pretty-print a dense matrix using the Format module. The defaults are: start="[", stop="]", rowsep=";", indent=4, sep=" ", and item=fun f r c->Format.fprintf f "(%2d,%2d)=% -15e" r c (see fprintf). The indent argument specifies the indent for wrapped rows.
val get : t -> int -> int -> float
get a i j returns the value at row i and column j of a.
See sundials: DENSE_ELEM
val set : t -> int -> int -> float -> unit
set a i j v sets the value at row i and column j of a to v.
See sundials: DENSE_ELEM
val update : t -> int -> int -> (float -> float) -> unit
update a i j f sets the value at row i and column j of a to f v.
See sundials: DENSE_ELEM
val set_to_zero : t -> unit
Fills a matrix with zeros.
See sundials: SetToZero


val add_identity : t -> unit
Increments a square matrix by the identity matrix.
See sundials: AddIdentity
val matvec : t -> x:Sundials.RealArray.t -> y:Sundials.RealArray.t -> unit
Compute the matrix-vector product $y = Ax$.
Since 2.6.0
See sundials: DenseMatvec
val blit : t -> t -> unit
blit src dst copies the contents of src into dst. Both must have the same size.
See sundials: DenseCopy
val scale : float -> t -> unit
Multiplies each element by a constant.
See sundials: DenseScale
val getrf : t -> Sundials.LintArray.t -> unit
getrf a p performs the LU factorization of the square matrix a with partial pivoting according to p. The values in a are overwritten with those of the calculated L and U matrices. The diagonal belongs to U. The diagonal of L is all 1s. Multiplying L by U gives a permutation of a, according to the values of p: p.{k} = j means that rows k and j were swapped (in order, where p.{0} swaps against the original matrix a).
Raises ZeroDiagonalElement Zero found in matrix diagonal
See sundials: DenseGETRF
val getrs : t -> Sundials.LintArray.t -> Sundials.RealArray.t -> unit
getrs a p b finds the solution of ax = b using an LU factorization found by Dls.DenseMatrix.getrf. Both p and b must have the same number of rows as a.
See sundials: DenseGETRS
val potrf : t -> unit
Performs Cholesky factorization of a real symmetric positive matrix.
See sundials: DensePOTRF
val potrs : t -> Sundials.RealArray.t -> unit
potrs a b finds the solution of ax = b using the Cholesky factorization found by Dls.DenseMatrix.potrf. a must be an n by n matrix and b must be of length n.
See sundials: DensePOTRS
val geqrf : t -> Sundials.RealArray.t -> Sundials.RealArray.t -> unit
geqrf a beta work performs the QR factorization of a. a must be an m by n matrix, where m >= n. The beta vector must have length n. The work vector must have length m.
See sundials: DenseGEQRF
val ormqr : a:t ->
beta:Sundials.RealArray.t ->
v:Sundials.RealArray.t ->
w:Sundials.RealArray.t -> work:Sundials.RealArray.t -> unit
ormqr q beta v w work computes the product w = qv . Q is an m by n matrix calculated using Dls.DenseMatrix.geqrf with m >= n, beta has length n, v has length n, w has length m, and work has length m.
See sundials: DenseORMQR
beta : vector passed to Dls.DenseMatrix.geqrf
v : vector multiplier
w : result vector
work : temporary vector used in the calculation

Low-level details

exception Invalidated
Raised on an attempt to access a value that has become invalid. Such values refer to matrices that no longer exist in the underlying library.
val invalidate : t -> unit
Called internally when the corresponding value in the underlying library ceases to exist.
val unsafe_unwrap : t ->
(float, Bigarray.float64_elt, Bigarray.c_layout) Bigarray.Array2.t
Potentially unsafe access to the underlying storage. This array must only be used when the underlying storage is valid, which will be the case in callbacks. The array is accessed column first (unlike in Dls.DenseMatrix.get).