Module Cvode.Diag

module Diag: sig .. end
Diagonal approximation of Jacobians by difference quotients.

val solver : ('data, 'kind) Cvode.linear_solver
A linear solver based on Jacobian approximation by difference quotients.
See sundials: CVDiag
val get_work_space : ('d, 'k) Cvode.session -> int * int
Returns the sizes of the real and integer workspaces used by the Diagonal linear solver.
Returns (real_size, integer_size)
See sundials: CVDiagGetWorkSpace
val get_num_rhs_evals : ('d, 'k) Cvode.session -> int
Returns the number of calls made to the right-hand side function due to finite difference Jacobian approximation in the Diagonal linear solver.
See sundials: CVDiagGetNumRhsEvals