Module Ida.VarId

module VarId: sig .. end
Symbolic names for constants used when calculating initial values or supressing local error tests. See Ida.calc_ic_ya_yd' and Ida.set_suppress_alg.
See sundials: IDASetId

val algebraic : float
The constant 0.0.
val differential : float
The constant 1.0.
type t = 
| Algebraic (*
Residual functions must not depend on the derivatives of algebraic variables.
| Differential (*
Residual functions may depend on the derivatives of differential variables.
For pattern-matching on constraints. See Ida.VarId.of_float.
val to_float : t -> float
Map id values to floating-point constants.
val of_float : float -> t
Map floating-point constants to id values.
Raises Invalid_argument The given value is not a legal id.