Module Nvector_serial

module Nvector_serial: sig .. end
The standard serial nvectors of Sundials.
Author(s): Timothy Bourke (Inria/ENS), Jun Inoue (Inria/ENS), Marc Pouzet (UPMC/ENS/Inria)
Version: 2.7.0
See sundials: NVECTOR_SERIAL

type data = Sundials.RealArray.t 
Serial nvectors are based on bigarrays of floats.
type kind = [ `Serial ] 
Represents any nvector that can be treated as a serial nvector. That is, any nvector whose underlying elements can be accessed as an array locally.
type t = (data, kind) Nvector.t 
The type of serial nvectors.
val make : int -> float -> t
make n iv creates a new serial nvector with n elements, each initialized to iv.
val wrap : Sundials.RealArray.t -> t
wrap a creates a new serial nvector over the elements of a.
val unwrap : t -> Sundials.RealArray.t
Aliases Nvector.unwrap.
val pp : Format.formatter -> t -> unit
Pretty-print a serial nvector using the Format module.
module Ops: Nvector.NVECTOR_OPS  with type t = t
Underlying nvector operations on serial nvectors.
module DataOps: Nvector.NVECTOR_OPS  with type t = Sundials.RealArray.t
Nvector operations on Sundials.RealArrays implemented in OCaml.