Module Sundials.Context

module Context: sig .. end

Contexts for creating Sundials values

Every function that creates a Sundials value (integrator, nvector, linear solver, nonlinear solver, etcetera) does so within a context. All such functions have an optional ?context argument. When this argument is not given explicitly, it defaults to the context returned by Sundials.Context.default.

type t = Context.t 

A context required to create Sundials values.

val default : unit -> t

The default context when creating values.

val make : ?profiler:Sundials.Profiler.t -> unit -> t

Create a new context, optionally specifying the profiler to use.

exception ExternalProfilerInUse

Indicates that an external library (i.e., caliper) is being use for profiling.

val get_profiler : t -> Sundials.Profiler.t

Return the profiler associated with a context.

val set_profiler : t -> Sundials.Profiler.t -> unit

Sets the profiler associated with a context.