Module Sundials

module Sundials: sig .. end

Generic definitions, arrays, matrices, linear solvers, nonlinear solvers, and utility functions.

module Config: Sundials_Config

Installation specific constants.

module Index: Sundials_Index

Index values for sparse matrices.

module Logfile: sig .. end

A rudimentary interface to C streams for logging in Sundials.

module Profiler: sig .. end

Performance profiling

module Context: sig .. end

Contexts for creating Sundials values


exception RecoverableFailure

Indicates a recoverable failure within a callback function. Any other exception normally indicates an unrecoverable failure.

exception NonPositiveEwt

Raised by error-weight functions on non-positive error weights. See Cvode.WFtolerances or Ida.WFtolerances.

Generic values

type 'f cfun = 'f Callback.cfun 

A callback function into the underlying library.

val invoke : 'f cfun -> 'f

Use a callback function provided by the underlying library.


module RealArray: Sundials_RealArray

Vectors of floats (one-dimensional bigarrays).

module RealArray2: Sundials_RealArray2

Matrices of floats (two-dimensional bigarrays plus extra information for Sundials.

module LintArray: Sundials_LintArray

Vectors of integers (one-dimensional bigarrays).

module ROArray: Sundials_ROArray

Read-only polymorphic arrays.

Arrays of roots (zero-crossings)

module Roots: sig .. end

Vectors of root (zero-crossing) statuses.

module RootDirs: sig .. end

Vectors of root (zero-crossing) directions.


module Constraint: sig .. end

Symbolic names for variable constraints.

Matrices, Linear Solvers, and Nonlinear Solvers

module Matrix: Sundials_Matrix

Generic matrices.

module LinearSolver: Sundials_LinearSolver

Generic linear solvers.

module NonlinearSolver: Sundials_NonlinearSolver

Generic nonlinear solvers.

module Util: sig .. end

Shared definitions and miscellaneous utility functions.