Module Nvector_array

module Nvector_array: sig .. end
A custom nvector based on float arrays.
Author(s): Timothy Bourke (Inria/ENS), Jun Inoue (Inria/ENS), Marc Pouzet (UPMC/ENS/Inria)
Version: 2.7.0

module type ARRAY_NVECTOR = sig .. end
An abstract set of functions for working manipulating nvectors where the underlying data structure is an array of floats.
module MakeOps (A : sig
type data 
val get : data -> int -> float
val set : data -> int -> float -> unit
val fill : data -> float -> unit
val make : int -> float -> data
val clone : data -> data
val length : data -> int
end) : ARRAY_NVECTOR with type data =
Produce a custom nvector from basic operations on an underlying array.
include Nvector_array.ARRAY_NVECTOR
Nvector on Arrays of floats.